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A Practical Guide To Discover Your Unique Version Of The Good Life

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Ever wonder what a good life actually meant? Well, let's jump straight into it. Grab something to write or type with and buckle up for a concise 5-step guide that combines introspection, goal-setting, and your own unique answers to identify your unique version of a good life.

Step 1: Uncover Your Values:

This is probably the most challenging step out of all them all. Think of your values and beliefs as a moral compass that helps to navigate your life choices. For example; if someone values “health and fitness” and has to choose between sitting on the couch with a pizza and netflix or going to the gym…which one do you think they’d choose? What if the same person in the same situation valued “comfort and pleasure”? You can see the difference in the choices they’d make.

Here are some examples of values: 

  • Adventure: Seeking new experiences and embracing change.

  • Compassion: Showing kindness and empathy towards others.

  • Creativity: Expressing yourself through artistic or innovative pursuits.

  • Humility: Remaining humble and open to learning.

  • Resilience: Bouncing back from challenges with strength.

Self-reflective questions: 

“What qualities do I appreciate most about myself?”

“When do I feel most aligned with my authentic self?”

Tip: Jot down a few key values that resonate with you. If you’re having a hard time, think of empowering adjectives that can be used to describe you. Don’t get hung up on finding the perfect word, as you can always change them to better fit.

Step 2: Identify Your Personal Goals:

Now, let's dream a little. We all need something to look forward to. Think about both short-term and long-term goals. 

Self-reflective questions:

"What achievements or experiences do I aspire to?"

"What’s something that I’d love to accomplish?"

Tip: Create a list of personal goals, big or small, that align with your values. If one of your values is kindness, then perhaps you have a goal that will positively impact others.

Step 3: Assess Your Priorities:

Life's a balancing act, isn't it? Identify the areas that are most important to you. Consider where you might need to redirect your attention and energy for a more balanced life. 

Self-reflective questions:

“What is most important to me in my life?"

"In what area of my life do I feel a need for more attention or balance?"

Tip: Consider the different areas of your life; family, career, finance, personal growth, friendships, fun, etc.

Step 4: Define What Well-Being Means To You:

Now, let's talk about feeling good – your well-being. What does it mean to you personally? Consider your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and the habits that support these areas. 

Self-reflective questions:

"What does feeling good mean to me?"

 "Can I identify a small habit that consistently contributes to my well-being?"

Tip: Create a well-being checklist and incorporate simple, positive habits into your daily routine. This can be as small as taking one single deep breath each morning to start the day. 

Step 5: Explore Passions and Interests:

Time to infuse your life with passion! What activities genuinely bring you joy and fulfillment? Explore your interests and consider how you can integrate them into your routine. 

Self-reflective questions: 

"What activity genuinely brings me joy?"

"What activities would I love to explore more of, regardless of where that takes me?"

Tip: Make a list of your passions and brainstorm ways to incorporate them regularly. These activities will add richness and fulfillment to your daily experience.

Good Life Outline
Example Of A Good Life


If you’ve taken the time to answer these questions for yourself…congratulations! You've taken significant strides toward defining your version of the good life. Now the next step is to put them into action. Go out and do something that pushes you in one (or many) of these areas.

If you make choices that are aligned with your values, move towards your goals, honor your priorities, take care of your well-being, and create space for your passions, then I’d argue that it was a good day. 

Good days lead to good weeks, which lead to good months, which lead to good years, which lead to a good life.

Sending love,

Tou Ger Lee 

Personal Development Coach | Speaker

The Good Life Mental Health Services, LLC

P.s. Revisit these steps regularly to refine and adjust your definition of the good life as you grow and evolve.

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