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Vanessa De Leon

Vanessa Rae De Leon

LCPC, BC-DMT, PhD Candidate in Expressive Arts Therapy

Vanessa is a dedicated therapist in Chicago, holding a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and licensures as a Board Certified Dance Movement (BC-DMT) Therapist and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). 


Vanessa radiates warmth and spunk. It’s not unusual for her clients to experience an array of emotions: crying, laughter, sadness, and hope; all within a single session. 

Through all of the highs and the lows of your mental health journey, Vanessa provides a space that not only allows you to logically understand what you’re experiencing, but to physiologically feel the difference in the shifts that you are creating. 

Whether you are navigating emotional challenges, life transitions, or striving to reconnect with inner strength, Vanessa will offer unwavering support and guide you towards mental and emotional harmony.

Tou Ger Lee

Tou Ger Lee

Personal Development Coach

Tou Ger is a highly sought-after coach who has worked with more than 500 individuals from over 10 different countries. With his wealth of experience, he takes his clients on an experience that involves both INSIGHT and ACTION.

Insight to gain clarity and purpose around who you're ready to become and the life you're ready to create.

Action to turn that into a reality.


He also teaches the skills and the tools necessary for you to be able to coach yourself beyond your sessions together.

Tou Ger believes that the relationship between the client and coach is the secret to a successful coaching experience. It’s the relationship that allows you to feel comfortable enough to share yourself authentically, and that’s where the real breakthroughs happen. 


If you’re looking for a genuine coach who knows the literature and can also relate to you on a human level, then connect with Tou Ger to get started on your personal development journey together.

The Good Life Professionals


Having led workshops for companies such as Pfizer, Adobe, Pepsi, Spring Health, and many more, Vanessa and Tou Ger bring a wealth of expertise and a harmonious blend of skills to organizations through their transformative mental health workshops.


As a therapist, Vanessa offers invaluable insights into emotional resilience, mindfulness, and the art of avoiding burnout. Her empathetic approach creates a safe space for individuals to explore their inner emotional landscapes and develop strategies for holistic well-being.

On the other hand, Tou Ger infuses workshops with his boundless energy and passion for helping individuals discover fulfillment in the workspace. His dynamic coaching style empowers employees to set and achieve meaningful goals, fostering a sense of purpose within the professional realm.

At the Good Life Mental Health Services, we're committed to ensuring that your members enjoy their experience in these workshops. Having been performers in their past life, Vanessa and Tou Ger present on various topics in a way that keeps your audience engaged, entertained, and empowered - because information + emotion is what creates insight.

Please contact us for all workshop inquiries

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